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All services listed below are starting prices and subject to change. I ALWAYS recommend a deep conditioning treatment after a color service, one will be customized for you depending on your hair's needs.

Haircuts are not available unless paired with a color service. 


Extra fees will apply for extra long/thick hair that requires extra color.


Foilayage is bright yet dimensional giving a high end feel with a low maintenance look.

A lived in, effortless technique that is customized to you.

The diffused softness in a lived in & effortless look, a modern take on a partial highlight, moderate impact/lightness

partial foilayage 150+

cameraRollTempImage 3.JPG

The diffused softness in a lived in & effortless look, a modern take

on a full highlight, maximum impact/brightness

full foilayage 180+

cameraRollTempImage (3).JPG


Classic yet versatile, highlighting is timeless.  Whether it's to the root lightening or a more lived in feel with an added color melt, highlighting is very universal. All highlighting is booked with a customized toner to enhance your complexion and skin tone.

Gives minimum to moderate lightness with keeping dimension and lightness

throughout the hair

partial highlight 135+

Gives moderate to maximum lightness with little dimension

full highlight 180+
cameraRollTempImage 2.JPG
 This highlight gives the absolute maximum lightness, with very little hair left out of the foils to achieve a transformational blonde.

blonding full highlight 260+
cameraRollTempImage (5).JPG


Dimensional color focuses on varying tones & depth to give a multi dimensional yet low maintenance look.

A base color paired accented by lighter and darker dimension throughout the head

creative color 135+

cameraRollTempImage (6).JPG

Hand painted highlights that give subtle dimension and a sun kissed look. 

balayage 180+

cameraRollTempImage 4.JPG


One solid, all over color from roots to ends or root retouch application. Typically to cover gray and add shine through ends. 

root retouch 95+
global color 105+

Not sure what to book? Send me a message!
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