Pandemic Portal


This page is to keep you up to date and informed on the new mandatory regulations that the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology has given salons the following that I will be implementing. Here is what you should expect at your next appointment with me at Colour Lust Hair Studio:


-24-48 hours before your appointment I will be sending you a questionnaire for symptoms, it is IMPERATIVE you answer and return to me before your appointment.


-When you arrive at Select Salon Studios please wait in your car before entering. All common spaces/lobby will be closed, I will send you a message when I am ready for you.


-I kindly ask you wear a face covering that goes behind your ears (NOT behind your head) I will be wearing one as well.


-Before entering my studio I will do a contact-free temperature scan to ensure you do not have a fever.


-Upon entry I ask you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer provided 


-Before/after each client I will be disinfecting surfaces of my studio with an EPA registered disinfectant.


-Each client will have a fresh cape, clips, combs etc. used on them (this is standard practice for me)


-The Board is allowing us to blow dry but I understand if you do not wish to have this done, please let me know before hand if you do not want this part of your service so I can plan accordingly.


-All magazines will be removed at this time 


-Self service drinks will be temporarily discontinued, if you would like a water or soda, please ask me to get it for you.


-At this time I kindly ask you do not bring anyone with you that is not receiving a service. 


-Social distancing will apply with exception that the distance between the client and employee may be less than six feet apart.


-Social distancing signage and hand washing signage will be posted as will these guidelines


Phew, thank you so much for sticking with me! I know this may sound like a lot but I insist that this will be for the benefit of everyone to ensure a comfortable visit. I am doing my very best to make you feel as safe and comfortable as I can within my control. I want nothing more than to make this the relaxing and enjoyable experience you all know and love. 


I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you!